Curious Rules

For The Curious....


Curious Theatre School 'hoodies' and maybe even other 'goodies' will be available very soon for you to wear, any time you please. However, your uniform is as follows...

There is no uniform!

Please come dressed however makes you feel comfortable. If you want to come dressed as a superhero, please come dressed as a superhero and we will embrace it. If you want to wear glitter and makeup, please join the fairies in their realm. If you want to wear a tutu, please do do and if you want to come dressed in your pajamas, you will be in good company, as SJ often likes to teach in her pj's. If you want to wear dance or sports wear too - well that would be equally fabulous. Be comfortable. Be you.



After each class, there will be a 10 minute 'snackie time'. A tea party, if you will...

Please bring lovely food, all your favourites, whether gorgeously healthy or deliciously unhealthy and plenty of drinks for us to sit down and scoff together. Please don't be shy about your choices, SJ likes nothing more than sweets and a diet coke!

Enjoy your tea party! Enjoy life!


This is a school but it is a Curious School, which means we are all on a journey of discovery together. So, you may call Sarah Jane, that, or Sarah or SJ or whatever you please. I want all of you to feel comfortable and know that I am not your superior. I am not here to judge you. I am here to help you and show you all you can be.


This is our strictest rule. Be kind always to your fellow students and teachers. Be kind always to yourselves. Be mad. Be crazy. Be daring. Be you.... But always be kind.


Please respect the Bailgate Methodist Church. We are very lucky to have found a lovely first home that is friendly and kind, Please take good care of it so we can stay here a while.


Our only aim is to bring the joy and knowledge of the theatre and film to you and your children. It's just as important when performing to know yourself and love yourself, as it is to pretend to be someone else. For all it's twists and turns, the world is a wondrous place, once you are able to see it. Take our hand and let's find it together.

Our lessons will endeavour to help you find out what you love, what you don't love and how best to use that so you have a joyous life, brimming with confidence. Either in the world of show biz or just in the world.

There is much magic out there to be found.


So let us go and find it.... curiously.