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The Curious Theatre School was set up on 14th September 2019 by well-known actor Ayden Callaghan and his presenter and West End performer wife Sarah Jane Honeywell.

Their aim is to bring the professional side of the creative arts to Lincoln, a place they are both passionate about.

Both SJ and Ayden are from working class backgrounds and understand the obstacles this wrongly presents for any children wanting to go into the performing arts. Whether that be financially for parents, the knowledge of the knowing the best route in to being a professional in the industry and/or simply not knowing anyone in the world of show business.

We hope we can bridge that gap, by the contacts we have made throughout our careers and by providing our students with the correct and decisive knowledge we have attained by being very successful industry professionals. 

The Curious Theatre School is now also a Community Interest Company we which we hope by obtaining art and community led grants will help us make even more students dreams come true.

We are already affiliated with Michelle Bair Management of which are children are professionally represented by her agency with some children having already secured their first job.

We have close ties with The Royal Academy Of Music since Sarah Jane recently choreographed their Musical Theatre course show. With GSA as Ayden was both a student and tutor there, sitting on the audition panel and Lincoln University, where Sarah has directed one of the shows in their first-year module.

We are proud to be recognised as being part of the Children's University.

Sarah Jane and Ayden also have attracted many industry professional for workshops at the school including:

John Partridge (TV and West End legend)

Bill Deamer (award winning choreographer)

Bruce Guthrie (head of the National Theatre Mumbai)

Catherine Land (artistic director at Strictly)

Charlie Wernham (actor Eastenders and Bad Education)

Emma Kenny (Tv psychologist)

Ben Richards (West End leading man & soap actor)

Richard Dempsey (West End and TV actor)

Joanna Forest (number 1 classical crossover artist)

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